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c65576.42019-01-17 at 10:26sakuhanachanHaneda Eitonot appear in sequel
s17828.12019-01-17 at 10:12xg70dYuranew VA. no hits at
s17827.12019-01-17 at 10:12xg70dHiiragi Harukanew VA. no hits at
s17826.12019-01-17 at 10:12xg70dHasumi Noerunew VA. no hits at
s17825.12019-01-17 at 10:12xg70dMinazuki Hisuinew VA. no hits at
v22013.162019-01-17 at 09:52sakuhanachanHappiness! 2 Sakura Celebrationlink
v18540.92019-01-17 at 09:39xg70dDekachin Kozoucast
s17824.12019-01-17 at 09:36xg70dIgashima Akoadded VA. no hits at
s17823.12019-01-17 at 09:36xg70dNatsuki Kanameadded VA. no hits at
s17822.12019-01-17 at 09:36xg70dSaijou Madokaadded VA. no hits at
v9757.82019-01-17 at 09:35kivandopulusDays Innocenttypo
r60631.42019-01-17 at 09:24trickzzterDeviant DungeonInfo from Steam
c39247.52019-01-17 at 09:19xg70dIsoyama Yuukaimage, desc
c39254.52019-01-17 at 09:19xg70dMakita Eriimage, desc. she also works so she's not a full time housewife
c39255.32019-01-17 at 09:19xg70dMizoguchi Ayumiimage, desc
r61636.12019-01-17 at 09:14trickzzterHow To Sing To Open Your Heart / Kokoro o Hiraku UtaikataNew release based on r60618.5
c79148.12019-01-17 at 09:09xg70dTsuji Yamatonew character
c79147.12019-01-17 at 09:09xg70dKazunew character
c79146.12019-01-17 at 09:09xg70dKontanew character
c79145.12019-01-17 at 09:09xg70dHiranakanew character
r61635.12019-01-17 at 09:06trickzzterFurries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!add
p8763.12019-01-17 at 09:05trickzzterStefan Klausadd
v25114.12019-01-17 at 09:03trickzzterFurries & Scalies & Bears Oh My!add
r56272.122019-01-17 at 08:58asakiSteam PrisonI just want to say... I would prefer Mangagamer release something like Damekoi or Bokuten instead of this for Valentine Days. Oh well, at least it's
p8762.22019-01-17 at 08:41hira-ganaNoriko Channelsorry
p8762.12019-01-17 at 08:40hira-ganaNoriko ChannelNew producer
c34456.52019-01-17 at 08:18darkness-weaverIoroi Hikaritraits
c34895.42019-01-17 at 08:16darkness-weaverHinoe Koichiroutraits link
c34588.42019-01-17 at 08:12darkness-weaverHimesato Saetraits link link
c34457.82019-01-17 at 08:09darkness-weaverHayakawa Marikotraits
c34390.82019-01-17 at 08:07darkness-weaverHanasaki Yukietraits
c72027.22019-01-17 at 07:53tsumekomiBernard Gadius IVAdded surname
s17821.22019-01-17 at 07:42kimesuGunbo Hidekiadd official site and alias
r61634.12019-01-17 at 07:40thewayfarerSakura Iro, Mau Koro ni - Trial EditionAdding soon-to-come trial release link
v25113.12019-01-17 at 07:36kimesuAyumu 3 Slave Makeradd new VN
s17821.12019-01-17 at 07:32kimesuGunbo Hidekiadd new staff
s17820.12019-01-17 at 07:31kimesuJOKERadd new staff
p8761.12019-01-17 at 07:29kimesuStudio Mentanpinadd new producer
c7208.142019-01-17 at 07:26darkness-weaverKusaka Ainatraits link link
v14478.32019-01-17 at 07:26kivandopulusWasurenagusadesc
c7212.132019-01-17 at 07:19darkness-weaverSarasa Crain Femilunatraits link
c24364.52019-01-17 at 06:45z411Tsuzuki HarukaThis is kind of spoilery, we don't really see this till the end of her route
c7209.82019-01-17 at 06:38darkness-weaverIoroi Hotarutraits
c7210.122019-01-17 at 06:35darkness-weaverInatraits link
c27534.152019-01-17 at 06:31darkness-weaverHayakawa Yurikotraits link
c7211.142019-01-17 at 06:27darkness-weaverArisa Crain Femilunatraits link link
c34897.92019-01-17 at 06:24darkness-weaverKuroda Yuukitraits
c34589.52019-01-17 at 06:23darkness-weaverAmehata Chirikotraits link link
c34588.32019-01-17 at 06:13darkness-weaverHimesato Saetraits
v24538.82019-01-17 at 04:46thewayfarerLove CommuKey visual (manually resized)