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c46885.32018-11-19 at 21:31darkness-weaverKurodani Mayatraits
c46883.22018-11-19 at 21:29darkness-weaverYoshida Soaratraits
c77251.122018-11-19 at 21:23batooKanou SeijiTry and get to learn german, because his GF is german in one route
c12109.42018-11-19 at 21:22darkness-weaverTwinktraits
c77369.32018-11-19 at 21:20darkness-weaverItokawa Hayatotrait
c77369.22018-11-19 at 21:20darkness-weaverItokawa Hayatotraits
c25836.32018-11-19 at 21:18darkness-weaverItokawa Asukatraits
c25837.42018-11-19 at 21:14darkness-weaverHagoromo Nozomutraits
c25833.42018-11-19 at 21:08darkness-weaverMouri Sakuratraits
c12109.32018-11-19 at 21:05darkness-weaverTwinktraits
c25834.32018-11-19 at 20:58darkness-weaverYamanouchi MomoTraits. She is not a kid. NSFW link
c77369.12018-11-19 at 20:53darkness-weaverItokawa Hayatoadded character link
c58976.32018-11-19 at 20:51canicheslayerSuga Moe+1
c982.72018-11-19 at 20:50canicheslayerTachibana Kurumi+1
c25835.52018-11-19 at 20:50darkness-weaverTsukuba Himawaritraits link
c25833.32018-11-19 at 20:42darkness-weaverMouri Sakuratraits link
v19987.82018-11-19 at 20:27onorubDai Gyakuten Saiban 2 -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo-A little over 30 hours
v20148.142018-11-19 at 20:21altemNinki Seiyuu no Tsukurikatascreenshots
c979.92018-11-19 at 20:07molesterFuse Naokimore traits
c56184.42018-11-19 at 20:03altemNagakura Keitotraits
c55017.22018-11-19 at 20:00altemWakisawa Tesshintrait
c56184.32018-11-19 at 20:00altemNagakura Keitotraits
c54159.32018-11-19 at 20:00altemNagakura Konatsutraits
c978.82018-11-19 at 19:58molesterInaba Toorumore traits
v22867.42018-11-19 at 19:56recordnadoev7 dney letaLenght and endings
c26598.242018-11-19 at 19:07guest93Inaba Meguru*sigh* This again? Also, don't forget her diabetes-like levels of snuggle
v24703.62018-11-19 at 19:01borisKaori After StoryFlagged NSFW screenshot just in case
r60655.32018-11-19 at 19:01borisKaori After StoryAdded MacOS
v16711.32018-11-19 at 19:01wakaranaiAru Hi no Fuukei EXstaff
c22080.72018-11-19 at 18:57molesterKaori Itamibetter image added
c77368.12018-11-19 at 18:56wakaranaiKisaragi Chihayanew char
c77367.12018-11-19 at 18:54wakaranaiMiura Azusanew char
v24703.52018-11-19 at 18:53molesterKaori After Storyscreenshots added
c22080.62018-11-19 at 18:49molesterKaori Itamiadded
c22073.142018-11-19 at 18:49molesterTristan Spadeadded
v24.902018-11-19 at 18:48ac728Umineko no Naku Koro niEdit
v24703.42018-11-19 at 18:48molesterKaori After Storylol it`s prequel the title says "AFTER" story.
r60655.22018-11-19 at 18:47molesterKaori After Storyedit
c980.112018-11-19 at 18:46wakaranaiSakura Nanakoplease read i54 trait description: Note that this trait only signifies the physical appearance of this character, and it may not reflect actual age
v24703.32018-11-19 at 18:41borisKaori After StoryChanged from "shares characters" to "sequel"
r53153.92018-11-19 at 18:35molesterSakura Sakuraedit
r52582.112018-11-19 at 18:32molesterSakura Sakuraedit
r60655.12018-11-19 at 18:30borisKaori After StoryAdded release. Title, language, release date, voice info, and producer.
v24703.22018-11-19 at 18:27borisKaori After StoryAdded image
v24703.12018-11-19 at 18:27borisKaori After StoryAdded VN. Title, alias, description, image, and relations.
r53153.82018-11-19 at 18:26molesterSakura Sakuraedit
v481.242018-11-19 at 18:22molesterSakura Sakuraeng. cover
c982.62018-11-19 at 18:19molesterTachibana Kurumiofficial description
c983.52018-11-19 at 18:14molesterNitta Akiraofficial description
c981.112018-11-19 at 18:09molesterKirishima Sakuraoffcial description