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t11429.122018-10-29R18 ContentOkay, and I am nipping this in the bud right here. We really don't need the internet's fascination with sticking various meaningless labels on people
t10685.42018-05-22Akira toriyama drawing styleI am searching for this style in all of the media and i what i find i will post in this thread.In that case I will kindly ask you not to do that on
t10636.72018-05-13Overwhelmed by unfinished read listBack in the days, I used to read every single route of every single VN I could get my hands on. Nowadays, I just pick up whatever catches my fancy
t10526.122018-05-08Is this similar to Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road?It's not a route, just an after story, and it's just like all the other after-stories in the franchise: lots of ero, little else.
t10526.102018-05-08Is this similar to Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road?Fair bit of warning: while Miyako is best girl, her route is without doubt the worst in the VN. Temper your expectations accordingly.
t10586.242018-05-07Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road -GD-To be fair, I cannot really blame them for sugarcoating delinquents, as they are not really appealing people by definition, but they kinda went too
t10426.82018-05-07Fureraba -GD-Went ahead, read Rina's route, it was once again pretty okay until they became a couple, then it became a long string of boring scenes were they
t10586.212018-05-07Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road -GD-I presume you mean Kumiko. And yeah, the "delinquents" in this story are really lame. We have: -Ai, who comes from a loving, fairly well-off middle
t10426.52018-05-06Fureraba -GD-So, after Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road, I went ahead and picked up another VN (and no, me coming back to VNs have nothing to do with the fact that my
t9750.242018-05-05Thoughts from someone who suffers from DepressionTo this day, I cannot wrap my head around how some of you guys think this story even tried to be a realistic depiction of depression and its
t10586.62018-05-04Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road -GD-@5 *squints eyes really hard* Not sure if joking or just really oblivious...
t10586.32018-05-04Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road -GD-The main heroine Tsujidou Ai, is the misunderstood archetype. She is the prettiest, cutest, most devoted girlfriend ever, but at the same time she is
t10586.12018-05-04Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road -GD-After a long hiatus, during which I consumed my backlog, lost a job, got a job, and read about 80% of all worthwhile and currently (well)translated
t10005.102017-12-11Visualising the VN MarketYou should doule-check the "Untranslated" cluster. I can see Toradora! Portable and Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai there, and both of
t6643.5942017-11-04Nutaku games + AigisUnfortunately after giving the game another 18 months of support the developers have not been able to reach the goals they set for themselves and
t9835.32017-11-02Should I translate this?The original Period is one of my all time favorite "chicken soup for the soul" VNs, so yes. Very much yes.
t2157.122017-11-01What do you think about the game ?They are just riding the recent monster girl boom.
t9825.32017-10-31Is Euphoria the most disturbing VN?Euphoria has an exaggerated reputation. Now don't take me wrong, if you are a milksop who never looked at guro, DBSM or even just hardcore bondage
t9796.42017-10-21Dies irae cover image warsStick to the original. Don't try to fix what isn't broken when there are plenty of actually broken stuff out there.
t9747.102017-10-07Visual Novels for White PeopleUnder normal circumstances I would consider this just an edgelord registering and trolling around for fun, but he has been on the site since 2009
t9724.132017-10-05Realistic Yuri Story^ Don't try to argue with bizarro pendel, it is a rabbit hole you don't want to fall into. Just appreciate him for the random, wacky shit he says and
t9724.102017-10-05Realistic Yuri Story@Eacil: Well, as I said, the whole "phase" thing was something I have heard a couple of years back, and I never did any research on it. Thanks for
t9560.602017-10-04Does not belong hereRead the guidelines properly before arguing, would you? Visual Novel / Game hybrids that have the following characteristics: The game consistently
t9560.582017-10-04Does not belong here^ Read my updated post. As your brought up Eushully games, let me reiterate: Yes, you can spend a lot of time in those games doing nothing but
t9560.562017-10-04Does not belong hereYeah, but how many visual novels are out there where you can literally run out of story to read, leaving only the gameplay? Sure, you can argue that
t9724.52017-10-04Realistic Yuri StoryThe reason you won't really find much dramatic yuri stuff in VNs is because of two reasons: 1.- Most of them are made for a male audience as
t9560.542017-10-04Does not belong hereSo, I have been playing FGO for close to three weeks now, and here's my assessment: It is a really good, addictive gatcha-ge, but it is sure as hell
t9711.172017-09-30Fuck, we're old!So we have managed to survive another full round trip around this weird fusion reactor on top of an equally weird wet mud-ball with a ferrous core
t8413.972017-09-20The protagonistSo, I decided to give this game a quick look in my "let's catch up!" project, and honestly, I found the protagonist's dumbness downright endearing in
t6643.5862017-09-17Nutaku games + AigisI was thinking about it, but the English version refuses to install on my android devices because of a region-lock, and I am not desperate enough to
t6643.5842017-09-17Nutaku games + AigisI switched entirely over to the Android version. My tablet has the all ages version, while my phone has the 18+ version on it, mainly because of all
t6643.5822017-09-17Nutaku games + AigisHey. So, it's been half a year now. Lots of stuff happened. Does any of you still play Aigis?
t9642.42017-09-17Help me catch up@Usagi: Well, yeah, but stupid generic moeges have their own charm too. I like to read them from time to time in order to relax a little. I admit
t9642.12017-09-17Help me catch upSo, as some of you might have noticed, I wasn't particularly active in the past couple of months. It was partially because of my new job, combined
t9630.12017-09-11Fate/Extella -Review-Since this game came out on the PC, I decided to give it a cursory look, which ended up with me finishing the game in three sittings instead. As such
t9536.462017-09-10Types of eyes... I'm sorry for trying to be constructive. I should have realized it was pointless. As they say, you can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot
t7576.132017-09-10What!?Extra (and I presume CCC as well) are already on shaky legs considering the gameplay/VN ratio in them, but Extella is in a different league
t7576.112017-09-09What!?It's alternate timeline stuff. I just finished this game, and here's the bits of "canon" I assembled: -The protagonist won the grail war of F/E
t9536.422017-09-08Types of eyesYou see, it's these kinds of arguments about silly subjective minutia that chased Warfoki away from the boards before he even completed the great tag
t9611.342017-09-08It's becoming really ridiculous!@Kiru: What I am calling silly is the notion that narration exist in VNs purely as a crutch to cover the lack of budget for making the story into an
t9611.242017-09-07It's becoming really ridiculous!@Kiru: That's just silly. That's like saying that all novels would be comics if they had the budget to hire an artist, and thus all narration is just
t2108.20712017-08-22Candidates for deletionActually it's not a duplicate, it's the complete version of the french release on a separate page. Still, it should be merged into the main entry all
t9537.62017-08-17Artificial Academy 2 why was it deleted?@Daisuki: Oh look, I have to leave VNDB for a couple of weeks because of crunch-time at work, and what welcomes me when I come back? Yet another
t9454.32017-07-28Evangile W DiscussionEh, I think I might get this just for the Ruriko and Konomi routes. I remember complaining about them not being heroines in the base game on the this really a vn?Moved.
t2968.19172017-07-15PM (If you're not Gabezhul or Warfoki, buzz off!)Hangout today?
t2968.19152017-07-09PM (If you're not Gabezhul or Warfoki, buzz off!)Damn, I went to have a nap just before you wrote that. If you are still around, I think we can still have a short one.
t2968.19132017-07-09PM (If you're not Gabezhul or Warfoki, buzz off!)So, when are we actually going to have a Hangout? It's been two weeks already...
t2968.19112017-07-07PM (If you're not Gabezhul or Warfoki, buzz off!)My new PC finally arrived today. I came home from work early to put it together, it looks cool as fuck, I installed shit... and I cannot actually try
t2968.19102017-07-03PM (If you're not Gabezhul or Warfoki, buzz off!)Short hangout today?