0 Ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~

0時の鐘とシンデレラ~Halloween Wedding~

0 Ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~
Title0 Ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~
Original title0時の鐘とシンデレラ~Halloween Wedding~
Aliases0-Ji no Kane to Cinderella: Halloween Wedding
Publishers QuinRose
Parent story
12 Ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Hallowee...
24 Ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Hallowee...
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Elise is the daughter of a low class noble. With her mother's remarriage, they changed from living as impoverished aristocrats downtown to a luxurious lifestyle, or so she thought. Soon after her step father dies in an accident. What he left was a large amount of debt.

With a new disowned little sister not related by blood, she went back to her old life before the remarriage. She could rely on the man with whom there's vague talk about becoming her fiancé, to get support. From the alternatives, her family decides to give priority to living all together.

And so it begins, their life at downtown while carrying their debt. At her previous work with a pair of mean sisters, she is reunited with an old friend. Her little step sister starts to warm up to them. Just like before, but somewhat different, they continue to live at downtown.

One day, Elise sees a dream from her childhood. That dream forces Elise into a drastic change, as it was a strong reminder of the past. A past she had turned her eyes away from, the heroine decides to face it now. This resolve in the future, will bring unknowingly great changes to the heroine and her family.

With her little sisters acting in the back, what is happening?
What's the real reason for their downfall?
What ties The Demon King to the heroines and their family?
All those mysteries will be revealed in this release.
And apart from the three sisters, there's another key person...
Only she knows what the circumstances behind this chain of events is—.

[Edited from Otome Jikan]

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Main characters

Side characters

Fatima Scarlet
Fatima Scarletファティマ=スカーレット 
Hair, Brown, Ponytail
Eyes, Violet
Clothes, Dress, Earrings
Role, Mother
Voiced byNanao Haruhi