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v14344.122018-10-29 at 15:16traumatizerHappy Sister Utopia!+2
v14344.112017-09-10 at 08:47shinnewHappy Sister Utopia!Correct staff, cast. link link
v14344.102016-12-15 at 01:03thewayfarerHappy Sister Utopia!Adding cast via kanji
v14344.92016-12-13 at 09:16thewayfarerHappy Sister Utopia!caps-wise
v14344.82016-12-13 at 09:13thewayfarerHappy Sister Utopia!Tagline alias
v14344.72016-02-04 at 07:10tutujisiroHappy Sister Utopia!..
v14344.62015-10-19 at 15:52traumatizerHappy Sister Utopia!+3
v14344.52015-09-21 at 10:19weilaiHappy Sister Utopia!..
v14344.42014-06-24 at 05:49nhatvietnguyenHappy Sister Utopia!Don't need Micchi comment, length
v14344.32014-05-03 at 06:43ds1150Happy Sister Utopia!cover
v14344.22014-04-01 at 10:10maraskanuserHappy Sister Utopia!Added description from Micchi's blog
v14344.12013-12-29 at 00:08ds1150Happy Sister Utopia!new